Vishva Hindu Parishad


In the year 1984, Vishva Hindu Parishad decided to undertake ‘Ram-Janaki Rath yatra’ for awakening the society on October 8, 1984. Hundreds of Youth gathered in Ayodhya to stand in guard like ‘Mahavir Hanuman’ for the successful conduction of the holy event.

However, post this the youths were motivated to continue their service and thus by the blessings of The Lord Ram, Janaki Mata and the holy saints were born a group of Bajarangi’s under the name of ‘Bajarang Dal’.

Immediately after its formation, the Bajarangi’s set into the task of resurrecting the lost glory of the Holy City ‘Ayodhya’ by working towards reconstructing the temple of Lord Ram at his brith place. They duly joined the ‘Ram Janma Bhoomi’ movement.

The results of formation of Bajarang Dal were amazing. Most of the young men were proud in getting themselves attached with Bajarang Dal. In 1986, it was decided to form Bajarang Dal in other states and very soon Bajarang Dal was formed in other states too. The role of Bajarang Dal in Hindu Awakening is not a secret. It successfully got the Hindu Youth involved in Ram Janma Bhoomi movement. It is evident from the tremendous success of various programmes, i.e., Shila Poojan, Ram Jyoti Yatra, Kar Seva of 1990 and Kar Seva of 1992.
The Karsewa on 30 October and 02 November 1990 gave an altogether different identity to Bajarang Dal. Such a youth power was associated with it that was absolutely not ready to tolerate any symbols of insult to the Hindu society and which was prepared for any type of sacrifice for the protection of country and Dharma. Bajarang Dal had emerged before the public in the form of such an organisation, especially after 06 December 1992, which was anxiously committed to the creation of a proud, self-respecting and valiant Hindu society. It was already decided that the young generation organised under the banner of Bajarang Dal was in no mood to compromise in any way with the issue of security of the country, Dharma and society.

That’s why the motto was set as Service, Security and Sanskar together with the maxim of ‘Where is rest for me until the cause of Ram is fulfilled’.

In conformity with the motto and maxim, the slogan ascribed to it was Jayakare Vir Bajarangi, Hara Hara Mahadev.