Vishva Hindu Parishad


As VHP surges forward, it’s for the world to observe the indelible impression the organization has been able to create by unifying hundreds of thousands of Hindus belonging to hundreds of thousands of Hindu Families from hundreds of thousands of village across our country. Hindus were invigorated to rise from the dark and obsolete reminiscences of the stains of the Islamic – British regimes.

The Kerala unit of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Keralam, was launched by Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan, the great Social reformer and Freedom fighter in 1964 by lighting the traditional lamp in front of the divinity enshrined Sanctum – Sanctorum of Sree Guruvayurappan at Guruvayoor . The journey further was never cozy for VHP, the organization has to tread through many a challenges and adversities since its inception and has been struggling hard, in every possible manner, to protect Dharma. Our organization led thousands of agitations, right from the notable Nilakkal agitation and agitations against the anti- Hindu politicians’ endeavor to unleash their hidden agenda to trounce the established rituals and liturgies at Sabarimala.

Now, VHP aims at molding 7000 ‘Vaibhav’ villages, 14 lakhs of ‘Swabhiman’ Hindu homes and 90 lakhs of ‘Swabhiman’ Hindus.
Kerala is gradually turning to be an epicenter of disaster for Hindu Dharma as premeditated by few political parties and Islamic fundamentalist that steers the political movements and envisages converting Kerala into a Taliban state. Islamic communalists have trained their cadres to facilitate clandestine operations against Hindus across the state. No doubt, intentions of these anti-national elements are to push the state to the brink of the dark days of Hindu massacre executed during Malabar riots of 1921. VHP are well set, great walls have been created to protect even the last Hindu. No wonder the ineradicable confidence of Hindus on Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been increasing multi-fold.